Our construction services

Clean Cut is more than just a name . . . It is our philosophy.

Construction is a trade that is built on exacts, and precision.  The more care and skill one puts into the project, the better it looks and the longer it lasts and that is why we chose to use this name— We do Clean Cut work! 

Superior Customer Service

Our customers are the center-point of our business. We recognize the vital aspect you are in our business and truly appreciate the trust you place in us with your property. We understand the value of that trust and work to ensure you know just how much you mean to us with our attention to detail and the level of professionalism we bring to your project every day.


Roofing Contractor

A new Custom Built Home built by Cleancut General Contracting

Clean Cut Roofing is voted Top in residential and commercial roofing by our customers because we strive to exceed industry standards in all our projects. Our extensive experience in roof installation and repair is founded on the philosophy of learning every day.

Our reputation is built on providing thorough inspections, honest and accurate estimates and delivering superior workmanship.

From  residential and multi-family units, to commercial and industrial roofs, our certified and insured teams strive to exceed your expectations. Weather its just time for a new roof, or you have storm damage Our project managers work closely with you and your insurance company to find best case resolution for you.

Certified at the highest levels of three- of the industries most recognized brands of roofing systems, we work diligently to provide you with the utmost in customer satisfaction, and are dedicated to bring only the highest levels of professionalism and craftsmanship to your project.

Custom Homes

A new Custom Built Home built by Cleancut General Contracting

Clean Cut General Contractors focuses on  a balanced approach to each custom home we build— Through expert building practices and thoughtful innovation. Our sole purpose is to help create your dream, and we understand the depth of that idea.

From the initial meeting, our goal is to learn about your objectives and then, we address all of your specific questions or concerns. We maintain total availability to our clients during the entire design process.

Once construction begins, our priority is to keep the project moving in a forward direction, while we maintain ourselves availability to our clients for any assistance they need through our project managers. 

Remodeling & Repair

A new Custom Built Home built by Cleancut General ContractingAdd-ons and repairs are often the most expensive projects a property owner, or home owner faces. Our first priority is to ease this condition by diligently working with our clients to find efficient and effective ways to address their concerns, resolve their issues and provide them with their needs while still maintaining our highest level of commitment to superior craftsmanship and customer service.

From leaks in the roof to that closed-in patio you have always wanted, our skilled teams are here solely to provide you with the finest of care and direction to achieve your goals without breaking your bank account.

We utilize our relationships with local city inspectors and other industry professionals to help you complete your project in the safest and most efficient manner possible to ensure years of satisfaction and pride in your property.

Custom Sheetmetal Products

A new Custom Built Home built by Cleancut General Contracting

Custom sheet metal accessories not only refine the look of your property, they also add to the base value of it. From chimney caps to wall caps and mailboxes, our project managers can assist you in completing the design and installation of your custom fabricated pieces that match your home perfectly. 

All our products are built locally by the leading team in metal fabrications. We invite you to look them up. CLICK HERE to view their website 

Emergency Repair Teams

A new Custom Built Home built by Cleancut General ContractingOur teams are on stand-by to assist you in the time of need. When the storm hits and everything goes wrong, our telephones ring through and we can help stop a problem from getting worse than it should.

Just another benefit of becoming a Clean Cut client; we go the extra mile to help you protect your investments in property.

Free Estimates

A new Custom Built Home built by Cleancut General ContractingOur process begins with a real understanding of the issues you face. Our project supervisors take the time to come inspect the problem, and help you to find the best solution that meets your needs and goals. Working with local inspectors and your insurance adjuster, our project managers try to take the agony out of resolving your needs as quickly as possible, and it all starts with scheduling a FREE ESTIMATE by calling us at (903) 291-0848, or just email us with the form in the upper-right corner of this page.

The Clean Cut Process

  • Initial Meeting
  1. We will present you with a free professional consultation.
  2. We will write up a thorough estimate explaining the scope of work.
  3. Upon acceptance, you will sign our agreement, and we will schedule the project.
  4. In the event that an insurance claim is filed, we will assist you through this process. The only cost to you will be your applicable deductible. Expect the insurance process to take up the 90 days – from filing the claim to completion of the work.
  • The Project
  1. The material for your project will be purchased from a local supplier. The material will be of the highest quality with all manufacturer warranties in place. (Be aware that there are outlets who sell “seconds”.)
  2. Materials will be paid in full within 25 days of completing your project. A release of lien will be provided upon request.
  3. The material will be delivered to your address up to 3 days prior to your project. Please discuss the placement with your project manager.
  4. Please do the following before construction begins:
    • Cover any items you may have in the attic. Dust and debris can be expected due to material removal and hammering.
    • Park your vehicles away from the construction area.
    • Warn visitors not to get into harms way.
    • Consider any pets.
    • Please cover your pool if it is near the construction area.
    • Move any plants and or decorations out of the work zone.
    • Turn off exterior sprinkler systems in the area.
    • Remove any hanging breakables from the walls and shelves.
  5. Our workmen will need access to electricity and water.
  6. Please be very careful when walking near the work areas. Nails and other sharp objects are to be expected.
  7. Never hesitate to reach out to your project manager or our office during the process. We WILL be available.
  • The Completion
  1. Our workmen will do a thorough clean-up.
  2. Your project manager and/or our operations manager will do a thorough workmanship inspection.
  3. We will conduct one more nail/debris search and also ensure that all hot water and furnace vents are properly connected.
  4. Extra materials will be ordered for efficiency purposes. All additional materials will be picked up and returned to our supplier. We can leave you 2 bundles for future repairs.
  5. Final payment will be collected.
  6. You will receive a written warranty from our office.